Cleanings & Exams

Elderly Woman During The Medical Examination With Dentist

What are dental exams and cleanings?

Your teeth are extremely important and necessary for you to live a happy and healthy life. Regular dental exams and cleanings will ensure that your teeth are properly cleaned and will also identify any issues that you are having. If you do have issues with your teeth, regular dental exams can help you to identify them early.

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Why do you need regular dental exams and cleanings?

It is important that you have dental exams and cleanings done at least twice per year. When you have your teeth cleaned and examined regularly, it will help to prevent the build up of plaque and decay, which could be bad for your teeth. This could also help you to avoid more serious problems from developing.

Young Man At The Dentist

What makes you a good candidate for dental exams and cleanings?

Everyone needs to have dental exams and cleanings done on a regular basis. You are a good candidate for these cleanings as soon as you reach the age where you have teeth. You should then continue to see a dentist for professional care for the rest of your life.

Beautiful Young Lady Receiving Teeth Cleaning And Polishing At Clinic

What happens during the procedure for dental exams and cleanings?

When you come in for dental exams and cleanings, you will normally first be seen by a hygienist. During this process, the hygienist will clean your teeth using a variety of different deep cleaning tools. They will also take a few different images of your teeth, which could be used to identify decay. Once the cleaning and images are done, a dentist will take a closer look at your teeth to see if further work is necessary. They could recommend crowns or other procedures if there is evident decay.

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