What are dental X-rays?

Dental x-rays are images of your teeth that give our team a way to diagnose and treat problems. X-rays allow us to evaluate your oral health, and capture clear images of your teeth and gums. They give us the ability to identify problems such as cavities, or impacted teeth. X-rays are a great tool to help catch any issues early before they become serious.

What are X-rays used for?

Dental x-rays give us a good view of your roots and bone structure underneath the gums that cannot be seen during a visual exam. During your routine exam and cleaning our staff will take x-rays to help ensure your teeth and mouth look healthy. X-rays allow us to check for cavities and decay, cysts, abscesses, and other issues.

If you have periodontal disease x-rays help to keep an eye on bone loss. X-rays are low-radiation and a safe tool to give us a view inside your mouth. Other uses for x-rays are to help us prepare for implants, dentures, and other procedures. X-rays are typically only needed every few years, but depending on a patient’s medical history they may be needed more frequently.

If you are interested in finding out more about x-rays, or are due for your next dental exam, contact Memorial City Smiles to schedule your appointment.