What is a Pulpotomy?

A pulpotomy is a dental procedure that is mainly performed on primary teeth in children. This procedure removes the pulp of the crown area of the tooth. The pulp that resides in the root canal area is left intact. A pulpotomy is used to treat tooth decay that has reached the inner layer of the tooth.

What happens during a pulpotomy?

Local anesthetic is used to make the patient comfortable and calm during the procedure. The decayed parts of the tooth are removed, and the infected part of the pulp in the tooth’s crown is cleaned out. The area is then sterilized and sealed to prevent bacteria from further entering the area. A custom crown is then made and bonded to the tooth. In most cases crowns in children are made of stainless steel.

We recommend patients practice good oral hygiene habits at home, and schedule a follow up visit in our office. This allows us to check to see how the tooth is healing, and ensure there is no sign of infection.

Symptoms of pulpitis

  • Prolonged sensitivity or pain to hot or cold
  • Pain or sensitivity in or around the tooth
  • Throbbing or continuous pain
  • Fever
  • Swelling of the face or jaw

Our team is here to provide the very best care for your entire family, and we treat every issue with urgency and care. If you think your child may have symptoms of pulpitis, contact Memorial City Smiles to schedule an appointment.